Sunday, January 7, 2007

Hope Danielle Meek Is Missing From Oklahoma

Hope Danielle Meek
Hope Danielle Meek is missing from Valliant, Oklahoma. She disappeared from her home on Section Line Road in Valliant, OK

Vital statistics: Hope is 5 ft 2 and weighs 105 pounds. She has brown hair and blue eyes. Hope was 25 years old when she was reported missing. She is the mother of 3 children.

Last seen: 2/21/02

Circumstances: Hope was last seen wearing gray sweat pants and tennis shoes on thursday 2 /21/02. She was reported missing 5 days later on tuesday by her husband, Jerry Dale Meek. Hope left behind her 3 small children, her 1995 chevy pick up, keys, cell phone, and her eyeglasses/contacts. Hope has not contacted her children since she has been missing.

Anyone who may have seen Hope Meek or knows any information regarding Hope's disappearance is asked to call:

Valliant Police Department (580) 933-4555
OSBI at 1-800-522-8017

Please, someone knows something or has heard or possibly seen something regarding Hope's disappearance. Please call or come forward. Remain anonymous if you would like. Hope's children and her family miss her and need her.


angelbaby said...

It is going on 5 years Hope has been missing.if anyone knows anything,i pray they come forward.Her children and us love her and miss her very much.If someone knows something,they can come forward and remain anonymous....we miss her very much

Anonymous said...

god willing something will happen and her case will get solved.then the one responsible will pay for what they have done to her and her family...also wanted to say good site

MerryJo said...

It has been 6 years since Tina and Bethany Sinclair disappeared from West Chesterfield, NH.

The man they lived with, Eugene Van Bowman is a person of interest and is incarcerated, at this time, for an unrelated offense.

Anything we can do to help publicize your missing mom, please ask.


Anonymous said...

I hope you get answers soon and the guy responsible has to pay for what he has done.she is such a beautiful lady.i have read some of the things harold boggs has been spouting,i think he's crazy.doesn't he realize he is hurting you,your mother and those children.

Anonymous said...

On the 21st of this month,it will be 6 years since hope disappeared and still,no answers.I know somebody knows something.They could email me and give us information,while remaining anonymous.It is hell not having answers or closure.the email adress is....

findlorne said...

I was searching for something else on the web and came across your blog...

My heart goes out to your family.

Today is the anniversary of the disappearance of my nephew. He has since been recovered, so hence, it is now the anniversary of also his death.

Hope's smile is very beautiful and seems very loving. It breaks my heart to read a post dated March 6, 2007.
Please know there are MANY families going through the same thing that your family is going through. There are MANY organizations out there for your family.
If there is anything that I can do to help, even just being someone to write to, let me know.

I am praying for all of you, especially Hope's children.

Keep the Faith and stay STRONG!

Forever & Always,
Lorne Boulet's Auntie Wease

Anonymous said...

Yesterday made 7 years since Hope's disappearance and it was very hard. I think the two things that got me through it was momma and my six month old grand daughter,she's my pride n joy. Maybe soon,the authorities will get a break in hope's case and actually get some answers for the family and friends.

Anonymous said...

it sounds to me like Jerry, the husband, is the only one who knows where she is, he should be pressured until he comes clean.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Meek knows what happened. I would hire some people to have a chat with Mr.meek.